Suzanne Crook and Carolyn Greenfield are the visionaries behind the jewelry that covers every inch of Carden Avenue’s guest house turned studio. Constantly collaborating, imagining and designing, these women find the time to run their business and still go to their kid’s soccer games. Their line of unique necklaces, bracelets and earrings exudes the personal touch Carden Avenue is known for. 

Tired of flipping through jewelry catalogs and websites, Suzanne and Carolyn were frustrated with the overwhelming amount of over-priced, mass-produced accessories. They began to wonder what their jewelry would look like if they took the time to design and create it. Idea became reality and Carden Avenue started small, very small. The duo visited bead shows, researched materials and decided early on to make every piece by hand, learning whatever techniques their ideal pieces required. Trinkets became trunk shows and Carden Avenue received praise from Nashville to Atlanta.

Unique, wearable, personal and affordable are just some of the words Carden Avenue’s customers use to describe their favorite pieces. Inspired by one-of-a-kind finds, the pair scavenge for vintage coins, gemstones, leather, old bullets, gold crosses and anything that can be transformed into something beautiful. Together, Suzanne and Carolyn are an unstoppable and inspiring design team, and nothing is more gratifying than seeing their jewelry around the necks and wrists of so many women. 


Shop Carden Avenue’s latest creations here, and in boutiques from Nashville to Chattanooga.